Friday, September 5, 2014

Welcome Back!

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to school this year! I sure had a great summer and am looking forward to the coming year in third grade. I know that it will be full of learning and fun. This year we have changed homework to a nightly thing, with the page sent home due the next day. I think this will be a great way for students to learn responsibility and reinforce the things we have learned at school that day.

This summer I had many adventures! I thought of my students while I was out exploring our great state and wondering about all the wonderful things they must be doing too. I went on three large hikes: Smith Rock, Cascade Head, and South Sister. My family loves to explore, so it was quite exciting to see these new places. At the very end of my break my husband and I went and picked up our newest family member as well. We now have a beautiful little yellow lab named Vinny.

I'm very excited about all that lies ahead for this class. Third grade is a huge year in school because of all the growth that happens. Math adds multiplication and subtraction, reading moves on to more difficult concepts, and our writing becomes much more elaborate. All these changes are exciting and challenging, and that is what makes third grade so special.

Check back here for updates on our projects and exciting events! Here's hoping we have an excellent year!


That's my brother Isaac, me, and my uncle Mat on top of South Sister.

Isaac and I ran a 5k this summer, and he ate a whole watermelon while he ran!

This is me while hiking Smith Rock.

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