Thursday, May 15, 2014

A few things to update!

Hello out there! We have a few things going on in class to share about! First of all, I will be adding a new round of biography videos to this post from some students that have finished. Also, I wanted to share the following link:

This link takes you to a live feed of Earth from the ISS! NASA has attached 4 cameras to the outside of the ISS that stream live all day long. This morning we watched the Earth go into a sunset phase and at the same time the moon rose! We were also asking questions of other people watching the stream and talking to people around the world who were seeing the same thing that we were! This is a very neat opportunity for us Earth dwelling folk to see the world in a whole new way.

Upcoming in class we are about to transition from our science unit on birds to a unit about flying machines and how they stay aloft. We will probably focus on airplanes and how wings work, relating it back to our bird unit. We are also going to be giving speeches about the birds that we studied. I have most students working in pairs, but due to some turn over, I have a few that will be giving solo speeches. I am hoping that all the sharing we have done this year will help ease their worries about standing up and talking in front of their peers. I've got to say, this class is very confident when it comes to explaining their thinking and sharing ideas. I look forward to listening to them teach us about their birds.

Here are some more videos that students made:

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