Friday, February 28, 2014

It has been a while.

Well, it has been quite a while. I apologize to faithful readers who have been wondering when it would come back to life. This week has been a review week in reading, so we haven't been up to much. However, I do have a quick video I made of our class art project to share with you.

We made this art project together, and at the Pleasant Hill Foundation's Casino Night, some lucky person bought our artwork for $75!! That money will help us continue to be able to do fun projects with art and technology.

Right now in science we are working on soils and things related to that. We will be starting Unit 4 in reading next week, and in math we are moving on to Topic 13. I will try to update with more information next week.

I know I've been lax about updating the blog, so I've set myself a goal to get back to it! This week I have been at a technology conference learning about neat ways to use our iPads and computers in the room. I am excited to bring back all these wonderful ideas to the rest of our staff and inspire our students to work hard and make meaningful products.

Thanks for checking in on us! I'll have a lot more projects to show you soon.

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  1. The artwork is beautiful! Great job! :-)

    Sally Mann