Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Student Work

Here are some great pieces of writing from students. :) Enjoy!

My Cats
By Brittany Vinson
My cat died on May 20. It was my sister Kiersten’s birthday. It was really sad because she was so cute. She was a girl, and was a baby. Her name was Lucky. Lucky and I would play together every day, but now I got a new cat named Meowmix. Meowmix and I play together every day. Meowmix is so cute! Meowmix and I do lots of things together. Meowmix and my family are so special to me. My family and me have so much fun playing with Meowmix. Meowmix is the playfullest cat I’ve ever had. Meowmix loves me and my family. Meowmix loves to play with me and my family. Me, Meowmix, and my family are so lovable.

I Am
I am white like a sky,
High, high, high
I am cool like a snowflake.
I am happy like a bear in a den.
By: Anonymous

The Cat
The cat, he is like a mat
He is funny,
He is furry,
He is a friend with the mat.

A mat,
A mat,
Plus a cat

That cat is like that
Like I said, That cat is like a mat.
And he is fun,
He is furry.
Like I said before:
It was like that furry cat,
That is like a mat.
By Savannah

Dragon in the Wagon
I love that dragon in my wagon
In my wagon there was a dragon
In my wagon, here is a dragon
In my wagon, there was a dragon
In my wagon a playful dragon
In my wagon, my playful dragon, that’s in my wagon
I love that dragon, that’s in my wagon
There’s a dragon that’s in my wagon.
By Savannah

My German shepherd
I want a German shepherd for my birthday
When my other dogs die
And my German shepherd will make me smile
My German shepherd
Is my favorite kind of dog
My German shepherd
Has two brown eyes and one black nose.
By: Hannah Norton

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