Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November has arrived

These last few weeks have been very fun in here! We had a big harvest party, and it was very exciting. They have been kind of weird too because of our short schedules and Parent/Teacher Conferences. However, there are still some great updates.

A new addition to our class is iPads!!!!! We are only using them to do our xtramath practice so far, but in the future we will have great apps to reinforce the things we are learning in class. Students are enjoying using them!

Our math lessons have been focusing on money. So far we have talked about coins and their values, and added them up. It seems that quarters and nickels are hard to tell apart, so we're going to spend some more time working on noticing the differences they have.

Our reading picked up again last week with a story called A Tiny Seed Grows, and this week we are reading a piece of writing called A Harbor Seal Pup Grows Up. As you can probably guess, our theme for this unit is on growth and change! Last week we finished up short/long vowels with u, and this week we are beginning to study consonant blends. With that, here are the spelling words for the week!


November has also been a month of thankfulness in our classroom. We have written some letters to various school staff that support our learning to thank them for the hard work they do! Kevin, who cleans our room at night, was very grateful to receive such beautiful letters and drawings from the students.

In science we continue to investigate changes. We had some races last week to see which dissolved faster, a sugar cube or sugar grains. Then we did another race to see if hot or cold water dissolved sugar grains faster. Ask your student what the results were!

Social Studies has been focusing on goods and services. We have learned the difference between the two, and can now identify places to get goods, and places to get services. Since we have just been learning about money in class, I am hatching a plan to provide some goods and services the students can buy in class with some fake money. We'll see what happens!

Alright, I do have some great pictures for you of happenings in the room.

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