Monday, October 7, 2013

Week of 10/7

Good day readers! Here are the spelling words for the week:


Our focus is long a and short a. See if your student can tell you the difference!

We have started our subtraction unit in class, but to be honest, students passed the basic computation pre-test, so we're going to have a focus week on problem solving! I am going to bring in real world problems for us to solve and think about this week. We made some charts of key words for knowing what to do when presented with a word problem. I'm hoping that this focus on problem solving will allow students to better understand practical applications of subtraction in the outside world.

Another activity we did today was list the ways we use subtraction outside of school. It was difficult to begin with, but we eventually came up with some pretty good ideas. Some of them were counting down spelling words left to write, figuring out how many pages of a book are left to read, knowing if we can bake brownies based on how many eggs we've used so far, and being able to figure out how much money we have left after paying for things at the store. These are all great uses of subtraction in our daily lives!

We are reading a story about firefighters this week in reading, so ask students what they know about fires and safety. Our focus in reading is main idea and details. Our grammar focus is the subject of a sentence. Remember that the subject is who or what the sentence is about.

Example: Suzy ate her lunch quickly. The subject is Suzy!

I'm really enjoying reading the sentences students came up with in their homework. Thanks for supporting your students in all they do! Have a great day!

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